Beat The Odds- Start or Grow a Successful Business
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Get a Step-by-step Roadmap - to Help You Navigate Every Phase of Your specific Business
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Join online Zoom sessions with your peers to learn & discuss your business
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Evaluate Your Personality & Skills as an Entrepreneur
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An easy path to success for starting entrepreneurs

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Americans search how to start businesses & make money
As someone starting a company from scratch, StartItUp really makes you think about what you’re doing. The app guides you through all the steps to help navigate your overall thought process. Am I doing things the way I should be? Is this a good idea? Ossie Cohen/Pickl

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Our Partners

"Community colleges play a critical role in preparing students for entrepreneurship.  Bakersfield College’s partnership with StarItUp is an innovative way for us to help students build the skills and experience they need to be competitive in an evolving industry landscape.”

Sonya Christian, President of Bakersfield College
“StartItUp is easy, Anyone can download and go through the app. It's a great tool to help entrepreneurs succeed.”

Bank of America is piloting StartItUp in Bakersfield, CA to promote business starts and growth in Kern County
"We partnered with StartItUp to fulfill our commitment to small and mid-sized businesses, who are the backbone of the Bakersfield economy. StartItUp will help SMBs vet their business idea, receive advising at the right time and better understand their entrepreneurial strengths and weaknesses.”

Nick Ortiz, Bakersfield Chamber of Commerce
“Starting or growing a business is hard. StartItUp is all about giving an entrepreneur a helping hand and someone who will walk that journey with them.”  

KITE- Kern Initiative for Talent & Entrepreneurship is a new initiative to promote business growth in Kern County, CA