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In 2017, three individuals (an Iranian-American, an Israeli, and a U.S.-born mutt) came together, wanting to do something about helping people who had the dream of starting their own business. We spent lots of time talking to striving entrepreneurs and business owners — those who’ve succeeded and those who have not — to find out why so many of don't start or if they do, fold so fast. We researched the problems and identified the opportunities. We worked with experts such as leading psychologists at Stanford and Tufts, researchers, mentors, and educators from Babson College, named number one for Entrepreneurship. And, after a long time of listening and understanding, we determined there was a much better way for any individual to start their own business and set themselves up for success.
Our Team
brad king
Even as a young kid, Brad was an entrepreneur, running a car detailing business at the famous 3000 Sand Hill Road in Silicon Valley which became the venture capital hub of the world. Over the last 25 years, he has launched over seven separate companies. He is an early internet pioneer, creating the first graphical web site and shopping cart technology. He has invested in twenty plus companies including eHarmony, iChange and Baidu (China’s Google). As a founder of StartItUp, it is his passion to come alongside entrepreneurs and provide them the tools and resources he found available in his journey as a serial high-tech entrepreneur.
goli ameri
Goli has a diverse background in high-tech, government & non-profit sectors, founding eTinium, a telecom consulting firm and as a Director at US Leasing responsible for the company’s investments in high-tech equipment. Goli was formerly the Under Secretary for Humanitarian Diplomacy at the International Federation of Red Cross/Red Crescent, US Assistant Secretary of State for Educational/ Cultural Affairs, and the US Representative to the UN General Assembly and to the UN Commission on Human Rights. Her experience has taught her the significance of entrepreneurship in global job creation and social change. She is a graduate of Stanford University.
daniel bouganim
Daniel is an experienced entrepreneur with more than 20 years in applying web-based solutions to early technology startups and successfully exiting for both the management team and its investors. He co-founded PeleTel an innovative VoIP 2.0 telephony solution, Amplio, Academy123, a technology startup that built educational software for middle and high school students, Virtual Class, a computer-based training software consulting firm, which he built to 50 employees and sold to RiverOne. Daniel has dual degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science from Ben Gurion University in Israel.
“There’s a lot of information about how to start your business out there, but there’s so much noise. StartItUp prepares entrepreneurs for each step of the process, and has garnered positive feedback from entrepreneurs who've tried it during its pilot phase.”

Sheneui Weber
State of California
Vice Chancellor of Workforce and Economic Development