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Ossie Cohen - Chief brand n' Crowd commando, Pickl
“ PICKL gives instant visibility to brands and retailers to see their products in grocery stores. Anything they want to see, in any sore, within 24 hours, saving 52% of current costs. It's the Uber of retail visibility. As someone starting a company from scratch, StartItUp really makes you think about what you’re doing. The app guides you through all the steps to help navigate your overall thought process. Am I doing things the way I should be? Is this a good idea?”
Rufus Fuller, Founder sotas integrative medicine
"SOTAS Integrative Medicine is an Acupuncture clinic focused on pain management, stress management and athletic recovery. Using an integrative health model, we gather as much available information including lab results and medical imaging to create a diagnosis and treatment plan. Brett has been helpful in this process of starting a creating a successful practice. He has been encouraging, personable and patient."
Ryan K. Zummallen - Founder and president carrara media
"I started Carrara Media to help talented automotive journalists tell stories that can't get the green light elsewhere. There is an audience for intelligent, deeply reported features from the world of cars and we aim to serve it. StartItUp is perfect for people who have the idea and motivation to start a business, but aren't sure how to get it off the ground. With an approachable structure and personal advisors like my mentor Brett, who helped me navigate the process of building a revenue projection and other important tools, StartItUp is a great way to build a lasting foundation."

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StartItUp is an innovative initiative leveraging cutting-edge technology to help entrepreneurs succeed
John Keisler
Director Economic & Property Development
City of Long Beach, CA
StartItUp Cities
Cities are an entrepreneurial ecosystem with colleges, universities, Chambers, business associations, financial institutions, & municipalities......all aiming to help businesses thrive & succeed
The City of Long Beach's vision is to be seen internationally as the "City of Opportunity" through reducing the time and the cost to start a business. The City measures its success by growing the number and the diversity of its businesses and expanding the number and the quality of jobs. StartItUp has partnered with the City, the Community College, Cal State University & business association to achive this goal
Bakersfield was once reliant only on the agriculture and oil industries, but entrepreneurs are shaking up this city with new innovations and a growing economy focused on creating a diversity of jobs. We have now teamed up with the city of Bakersfield, Bakersfield College, Bank of America, the Chamber & others to support these entrepreneurs investing in their hometown.